20 Tips To Ensure Success to your Pavement Project

Any time work begins on a new construction project, there seems to be a handful of problems to arise before the project even begins. Many times, this is because contractors hastily throw together a bid in an effort to win the bid or because they take shortcuts that will affect the work itself and the profit of the job.

As members of the Pavement Network know, this is not the best practice and it will not only hurt your reputation, but cause the project to take longer and cost more money to complete. In a recent article from For Construction Pros, they lay out 20 essential elements contractors need to consider to make sure they do a quality job and receive a reasonable profit.

  1. Measure the lot. Using a measuring wheel and 100-ft. tape measure, confirm all blueprint figures. Measure from the edges to all the various structures. Also identify the locations and distances between structures such as light poles, islands, and sewer caps. These measurements will form the basis of your bidding and planning.

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