August is The Perfect Time For Sealcoating Maintenance

Experts say August is the best time to perform sealcoating maintenance. Temperatures of about 48 or 50 degrees are ideal in allowing the material to cure. It is important that sealcoating is done regularly, that is 1 to 3 years after installation. Performing this helps in keeping the integrity of the road, and reduces the chance of having cracks. Good surface friction should also be maintained to keep the road safe.

While contractors are still in the process of recovery, budget is definitely a major consideration. With the losses from the past year, nobody wants to waste even a single penny. That’s why ensuring that all the materials and resources are used correctly is important to save funds. Workers should know proper handling and storage practices to prevent misuse of materials. In sealcoating, the recommendation is for the sealer and sand to be mixed only when you’re going to use it. Otherwise, the sand will settle in the working tank making it useless.

In this article featured in The Asphalt Pro, the correct procedure in sealcoating is discussed as well as good practices in maintaining good surface friction. They write: “Step 1. Pump the concentrated sealer from the holding tank to the working tank on your trailer.”

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