autonomous rollers improve roadways
Are Autonomous Rollers the Solution?
An international technology company named Semcon has recently developed a system for autonomous compactor operation. The compactor was designed to increase efficiency and quality during road construction. The Norwegian company hopes to elimate difficult work for staff, reduce time that is needed to build new roads, and increase the lifespan of roadways. Having a roadway
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pavement tips
20 Tips To Ensure Success to your Pavement Project
Any time work begins on a new construction project, there seems to be a handful of problems to arise before the project even begins. Many times, this is because contractors hastily throw together a bid in an effort to win the bid or because they take shortcuts that will affect the work itself and the
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what causes a pothole
The Mystery of Potholes
The pothole. Oh, how we loathe thee. Did you know that hitting a pothole can have the same impact to your car as a 35 mph accident? It is no wonder that every spring there are more cars in the shops looking for alignment work. This damage to your car can cost an average of over
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pavement maintenance
The Biggest Pavement Maintenance Trends from 2019
It is hard to believe that we are in the final weeks of 2019 and 2020 is quickly approaching. With the year coming to a close, we take a look back at one of the biggest pavement maintenance trend that we noticed this past year. One key development according to is that the use
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green alley
Asphalt Green Alleys
City Planners and Engineers are working together to find a solution to stormwater runoff and the pollution it is creating in our water. Stormwater runoff is the number one cause of stream degradation in urban areas. The need for a solution is nothing new. Since the 1960’s the EPA has been working on different possible
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Recruiting Generation Z to Construction
It’s time for the next generation to start entering the workforce. People born after 1996 are considered Generation Z, and there are more than 65 million of them. One of the biggest challenges construction companies have is recruiting this generation to the construction industry. If you are a part of the 78% of construction firms
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The Cost-Benefit of Rout-and-Seal Repairs
A recent study by Minnesota researchers was conducted to see if there was, in fact, a cost-benefit to perform rout-and-seal repairs versus clean-and-seal repairs. The study was conducted over two years and the goal was to see which repair method offered the best value over time. The benefits to rout-and-seal repairs proved to be slightly more cost-efficient than clean-and-seal.
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The Porous Paving Movement
Many cities are looking for new ways to help mitigate flooding and soil subsidence, and the answer is porous roads. Recently in New Orleans, the City Council has decided that all new commercial parking surfaces must be porous. All new roads in the city are required to have pervious paving, which lets rainwater flow through
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How To Choose A Pavement Preservation Technique
Preservation of your pavement is extremely important. Pavement preservation can be described as a proactive approach to protecting and maintaining existing pavements. There are many different techniques that can be used to preserve the pavement these days, however, which technique is right for you can vary. When most people think of preservation techniques, treatments such as
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Ensuring Compliance with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
In March 2018, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began collecting workforce data from employers with more than 100 employees (lower thresholds apply to federal contractors). Employers meeting the reporting thresholds have a legal obligation to provide the data; it is not voluntary. The EEOC enforces Federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. A recent article from
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