Collaboration Over Competition: Networking Can Build Your Pavement Company Empire

Do you know the number of pavement businesses operating in the United States as of 2021? The answer is somewhere upwards of 68,000 and growing. With so many businesses offering the same goods and services, reaching new customers can be challenging. Often, the model for so many businesses in the same market is based on competition. However, at The Pavement Network, we think differently. We believe that the best way to grow your clientele is by collaborating, not competing, with other paving businesses. 

Networking as Add-On Marketing

To expand your customer base on the way to building your empire, you will have to work to reach a wider audience first. Social media marketing reaches many different kinds of people and in high numbers. Using networking to support your social media marketing can add a twist to a traditional campaign. 

Famously popular in social media and entertainment hosting is something called a takeover or guest-hosting. Takeovers can incorporate a marketing campaign between networking businesses. This marketing practice offers guest-hosts that provide information or entertainment in place of the normal account holder or host. Sometimes these guest spots will include celebrities, contests, or giveaways as part of the fun. The overall theme or topic remains the same, here pavement, but a new face and voice will excite viewers with a fresh point of view. 

Networking as Reputation Building 

When several businesses in the same market come together and form a network, they can all benefit from the same advantages. The Pavement Network, for example, has rigorous membership requirements that must be met before admission. Potential customers search for companies with documented membership accreditations. 

Construction companies also search for paving and asphalt companies to partner with for contracts. Being part of a larger network can build connections between industries too. The reputations of all the businesses in the network are vouched for and the longer the membership lasts, the better the track records become. 

Networking as Referrals

As frustrating as it may be, sometimes every business has service delays. No business wants to make customers wait. When this does happen, business owners know that they could lose a customer forever if they do not expertly maneuver. 

Instead of disappointing a customer with a long wait for a pavement job, businesses can refer to the services of another trusted member in the network. While this is not ideal, it is done with the understanding that the same courtesy will be returned should the roles ever reverse. When businesses collaborate rather than compete, customers win every time. 

Networking as Smart Shopping 

With over 68,000 paving companies in the United States, goods and supplies are always in high demand. When demand is high, costs can also trend upwards. Being a part of a larger network means paving businesses can use their enrollment numbers to ensure that suppliers are transparent about fair pricing between cities, states, and companies. 

Being part of a network with several members usually also includes some additional perks. The bonus of group pricing is available for some goods and services. In this way, the sheer numbers of enrollment qualify members for certain discounts.

Start building your pavement company empire by partnering with a network of successful people in your industry. Find out more about The Pavement Network by calling (415) 659-8669.