Crack Filling

With the Winter right around the corner (I know it’s September but trust me – you will be Christmas shopping in the blink of an eye).  I want to talk about the importance of sealing all the cracks in your lot. Water is one of the worst things for asphalt cracks; once under the asphalt surface, it can erode the foundation or freeze which causes heaving and eventually pot-holes and total failure.

Now I’m not a math guy but here are some quick figures:

The cost to Crack Fill a 50,000 sq ft parking lot is roughly $4000.
The cost to replace that same lot is about $125,000

We also offer winter snow removal service!

Crack filling can add 10+ years to the life of a lot.We offer winter snow removal service!
So if you hold on to your $125,000 for an extra 10 years and let’s say are earning 5% on that money you can actually end up ….. well you can do the math.

T&K can help you with a crack filling program that keeps your parking lot intact, safe and looking great.

If you are looking for Crack Filling services in the New England area, contact us today for an estimate!