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Welcome to the Pavement Network!

Welcome to the Pavement Network, where excellence in pavement and concrete services meets unparalleled professionalism. As a distinguished organization uniting premier commercial paving contractors across the United States, we are committed to setting the industry’s standard for quality and innovation. With a focus on delivering high-quality services and fostering collaboration among our members, we strive to drive forward progress and success in the world of asphalt and concrete. Welcome to a community dedicated to excellence, innovation, and mutual growth.

Meet our Board of Directors

Dean Garrett, Pavement Network President

Morgan Pavement

(801) 430-0852

Tom Merry, Network Sales Lead

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete

(253) 227-3892

Kevin House, Network Operations Lead

Georgia Paving

(706) 983-1041

Houston Lawless, Network Fleet Lead

Wright Construction Company

(205) 739-3283

Dusty Parker, Network Admin Lead

Morgan Pavement

(801) 430-7743

Daren Young, PN Past President & CNBA President


(510) 673-2677

Next Steps

You’ll soon receive a DocuSign detailing membership dues, responsibilities, and essential info. Please review and sign to formalize your membership.

Please have your IT department ensure that the domain is whitelisted on your email client so our emails won’t go to spam or junk.

Member Portal

The Pavement Network houses an exclusive Member Portal where you can view past newsletters, meeting notes and presentations, our Member Contact List and more.

Divisions & Email Distribution Groups

Within the Pavement Network, there are five separate divisions representing the different departments for each company. Each division has its own email distribution list. The email distribution lists are intended for members within each division to communicate with each other. Members are able to email the distribution lists throughout the year for support from other members, to share news related to previous discussions, and more to keep connected outside of the quarterly and annual meetings. The five divisions are:


This group is for owners, presidents, vice presidents, and c-suite level employees. These are the decision-makers that discuss high-level company needs in terms of growth and overall company wins and struggles that the other groups discuss.


The sales division is for those in sales and lead acquisition. This group discusses the overall jobs they’re bidding and winning or losing, sales goals, leads and what they’re doing to turn them into customers, and how to work cohesively with other divisions.


This group is for those who coordinate jobs won and workers available. They work closely with the sales and admin teams to ensure jobs are being bid appropriately and there’s enough of a workforce to complete projects.


The fleet division is for those who work with the machines and mechanics, oftentimes sourcing parts. They discuss longevity of different machines with their recommendations, where they source parts, and fuel and crew needs. A representative from the CNBA is in attendance to assist with recommendations for purchasing.


This group is for those in HR and administrative roles. They discuss different software solutions, benefits, hiring struggles and successes, safety issues and insurance, employee trainings, policies and procedures, and more.

Quarterly Virtual Meetings

Every few months, we hold quarterly virtual meetings for our members over Zoom. These sessions are interactive platforms where members share updates, celebrate achievements, tackle challenges, exchange resources, and brainstorm ideas. Anyone from your company who works in the different divisions is encouraged to attend. At least one representative from each company is required to attend the the quarterly meetings to remain in good standing with the Pavement Network.

Meeting notes from the quarterly meetings are stored in our Member Portal.

Annual Meeting

In addition to the quarterly meetings, we convene each year in a different city, providing an invaluable opportunity for members to connect face-to-face, network, and stay updated on the latest industry trends and innovations. 

We look forward to having you join us at our next annual gathering, a pivotal event for the Pavement Network community. Our Member Portal has all presentations and documents from prior years at your convenience.

Organization Administrator

Aryn Kelly, Organization Administrator

Aryn and her exceptional team work hard behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly for the Pavement Network. That includes updating member contact info, planning the quarterly and annual meetings, making updates to the website, creating the quarterly newsletter, and more.

In addition, Aryn runs Elemental Design, a full-service creative agency that believes excellence is attainable, details do make a difference, and integrity is essential. She also serves on the board of the CNBA, a commercial contractors buying group created to secure the best programs, pricing, and partnerships for each member’s respective company.

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If you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to connect, please contact us at We’re here to help!

Once again, welcome to the Pavement Network! 

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