2020 Pavement Budget

It looks like roads in the United States will be getting a facelift in 2020. In December, the House of Representatives approved a 1.29 billion increase in highway and core transit program investment. Should this pass in the Senate as well, transportation funding will boost to over 4 billion.

For Construction Pros reports that: “it also provides $3.35 billion for the Airport Improvement Program, but falls $300 million short of the amount expected for the transit Capital Investment Grant program.”  The $4.08 billion in total supplemental investment includes:

  • $2.17 billion for highways;
  • $400 million for airport capital projects;
  • $510 million for bus and transit program grants; and
  • $1 billion for BUILD (formerly known as TIGER) multi-modal discretionary grants.

States will have up to four years to spend most of this supplemental funding. The three-year total in additional highway, public transportation, airport and multi-modal capital investments is $15.34 billion. For a full breakdown of the supplemental spending included in the package and how it compares to previous years, click here.