Recruiting Women to Construction Jobs

The labor shortage is a common topic throughout the United States. Does it seem as though you are having a hard time finding qualified workers for your company? Part of the struggle could be because you are only looking at half the potential workforce. From a competitive salary to a rewarding career, women represent untapped potential to help fill the labor shortage.

Women represent a huge segment of workers that are largely untapped for careers in construction. An overwhelming 84% of construction companies report not being able to find enough laborers for the work they have, we need to work together to encourage women to try these careers, not deter them with the usual stigmas. For Construction Pros writes:

1.      Focus on the Benefits

Construction trades provide well-paid jobs that do not require a college degree. In 2018, women working full-time in construction and extraction occupations made $785 per week at the median, compared with $834 for men. The gender wage gap in construction is more  narrow than for women in the general workplace. While women overall earn 81 cents for every dollar earned by a man, women in construction make 94 cents for every dollar earned by a men.

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