The Change In Construction Equipment

If you look at the construction industry 20-30 years ago, it’s absolutely a physical job that requires 101% of your strength, particularly in operating huge equipment such as backhoes, excavators, and the likes. Old models will only allow you limited functions such as moving your bucket up or down. This limited movement makes the project go on for much longer thus increasing project cost. Through the years, companies such as Caterpillar lead the research and development in this field for continuous product innovation.

Truly, technology has brought the construction industry into an era where manual labor is no longer just manual labor. Equipment such as excavators are now incorporated with attachments that are designed to enhance versatility and controllability. This increases the machine’s efficiency as it allows more work from a single position and to move around even in tight spaces. The improved hydraulics and electronics make the machine more reliable and durable. It definitely makes the operator’s life a little bit easier.

In a video featured by For Construction Pros, they showed how Caterpillar’s new bucket rotator levels up the game field in terms of quality and control.

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