The Importance of ADA Compliance for Your Property

As a Property Manager, ensuring your property adheres to all ADA Compliance regulations is critical. From properly marked parking spaces to wheelchair ramps, there are a number of regulations the American Disabilities Act requires. Regardless if your property is for apartments, restaurants, or commercial, ensuring you follow all regulations is important.

In the parking lot of a restaurant, business owners must ensure that spaces are at least 8 feet wide and that there is at least one handicap-designated space per every 25 parking spaces in the lot. These spaces must be flat with a slope that is less than 2% to ensure the safety of patrons with disabilities. When an eatery has steps, there must be a ramp that is wheelchair accessible. This means it must be at least 36 inches wide, and ramps that are longer than 6 feet long must have an arm rail.

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