The Importance of Reviews

In the height of digital technology and fiber optics connectivity, our lives revolve around the world wide web. We browse our phones to see the latest news. We log into our social media accounts to engage with our friends, families, colleagues, and even business clients. We use mobile apps to order groceries, gifts, and practically anything we need. As they say, “The future is now.” and we can’t get out of it.

It now has become natural for most people to use the information that they see online. We may not admit it but our decisions are greatly affected by what others say about a certain product or service. According to Brightlocal’s recent survey, 86% of buyers read online reviews for local businesses. Consumers trust other people’s experiences and rely greatly on them. But what people didn’t know is that there are cases that the reviews posted that were absolutely incorrect. How in the world will buyers know if the review is true or not?

For one, people can read more of the reviews and see whether most of them say the same negative feedback or it’s just one thorn among the other sweet comments. Others are dummy accounts whose intention is to merely pull the business rating down. Sometimes businesses will take time to respond and explain their side of the story. Online reviews can make or break a business reputation. As entrepreneurs, it is very important to find time to check this and consider the unsolicited advice from other people to improve your business.

In a recent article featured in For Construction Pros, they write that they “would encourage you to ask each satisfied client to submit a review for you. You could even provide them with a step-by-step guide to make posting a review easier.”

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