The Need For Skilled Laborers

The demand in the construction industry is high. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies need 430,000 more construction workers this year than in 2020. They found that for every $1B extra spendings, there are at least $5,700 construction jobs created. With President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, we can see that the government supports this data as they would be investing in building and upgrading schools, daycare facilities, hospitals, and federal buildings, among others. This proposal amounted to approximately $1 trillion in spending. The question now is are we up to the challenge of filling these jobs in?

Tradeworthy Jobs have been very successful in opening the opportunity to high school students through career counselors, and advisors. They said that the opportunity is there but not many see the bright future of this industry. Stronger recruitment through education is a great way to start. They have created a list of schools to touch base and from them build meaningful connections. Another way to connect with the potential workforce is through social media. High school students are significantly attached to their social media accounts, making it an excellent way to reach them.

In a recent article featured in For Construction Pros, Tradeworthy Jobs have focused on recruitment for the construction industry through networking-building with school administrators from different schools. They write, “People need jobs and companies need employees – so why is there such a disconnect? Of course, there are several factors that impact the shortage – but a major factor, we believe, is a lack of awareness and education.”

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