Tips To Improve Your Pavement Quality

A low-quality paving project is just a waste of time and resources. Property managers and contractors are expected to deliver a successful project that will last long. It’s one that would mean on-time completion and within the allocated budget. This can only be achieved if there’s stringent planning and preparation from all parties involved. Seeking an expert’s advice will surely make a difference in the end result.

Attention to detail can be a great start in achieving a strategic and well-thought asphalt paving p paving plan. Making sure that the paving machine and all its parts are in good condition will help save time and effort. A great example is when the screed is not preheated encouraging mat sticking and dragging. Mat tearing can cause a significant decrease in density relative to the mat as a whole. This may result in accelerated aging, rutting, and raveling, among others, that can cause simply life-threatening accidents.

In an article from in Heavy Equipment Guide, experts gave 9 efficient tips to improve asphalt pavement quality. They write:

1. Proper paver setup, smooth pavement

It’s essential to inspect the paving machine and components to look for any issues that could affect operation or safety before work begins. Prior to startup, check all fluid levels. Start up the paver and then check all gauges.

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