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Annual Network Meeting

 January 31st, 2024

The Pavement Network

We are an exclusive group of asphalt and concrete industry leaders who provide localized expertise with national coverage. Members must meet the highest levels of quality control, customer service, and financial viability. Our members are united in their commitment to uphold strict standards of best-practices, and must have proven track records for quality and integrity. We stand by our work and provide exceptional results from coast-to-coast.

Best Practices

Keeping up with the latest techniques, products, and processes to learn from each other and remain leaders in our industry.

National Accounts

Members of The Pavement Network refer to each other on national accounts so that out-of-region jobs can be serviced well.

Purchasing Power

Through our offshoot buyer’s group, the PNBA, we are able to gain better pricing on materials and equipment, saving on cost margins and increasing profitability.


As a Pavement Network member, you ensure that your paving business remains a leader in our industry.

Process Matters

Technology makes life theory!

Do you struggle with your employee time cards? With your accounting and estimating software? How about your Customer Relationship Management program? Ever wonder if you're all alone in your frustration, or if there might be a better way?

Advantage Buying in Bulk

Joining a national co-op makes your dollar go farther.

Because we can operate as a collecitve, we can order and purchase materials in far greater bulk than we could do invidually. As a result, we can reduce the per-unit cost, resulting in an additional 10-15% savings.

Opportunity for great equipment.

Don't let equipment become your weakest link.

Maybe you're looking to upgrade and need a reliable buyer for your old equipment, or you're looking to partner up with another company to get a volume discount on purchasing multiple units of new equpment. Pavement Network can help.

Keep current. Stay relevant.

Companies cannot thrive in a bubble.

At our annual meetings and monthly check-ins, members share information about new best practices and techniques so we all beneift.


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Interested in becoming a member?

If you run a successful commercial paving company that operates with high integrity and would like to be a part of this exceptional organization, please inquire to see if we have availability in the region you service. Downoad the application and submit via email

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Over $511,900,000

Over a half-billion dollars in sales from Pavement Network members in 2019.