Pavement Network members offer a variety of concrete and pavement services, from curbs and gutters to line installation, to dumpster pads and maintenance, all performed with unmatched quality and professionalism.


Asphalt paving is at the core of the Pavement Network’s service offering. We specialize in paving new asphalt and resurfacing existing asphalt parking lots and private roads. We perform small asphalt paving jobs and large commercial asphalt paving projects, from strip malls to major distribution centers.

Seal Coating

Sealcoating extends the life of your asphalt by protecting the pavement from the elements, while greatly improving its appearance. Sealcoating returns the surface to the original dark color, enhances the look of the pavement and most importantly, extends the life of the pavement.

Recreational Services

No matter how you look at it, to keep players on top of their game, playing surfaces have to be resurfaced every few years. The Pavement Network can provide you with services to restore recreational surfaces, such as tennis courts and running tracks.

Crack & Joint Sealing

Water destroys pavement sub-surfaces. Keep it out by keeping your cracks filled and sealed with the proper sealants. Crack filling and sealing is critical to extending the life of your asphalt.

Pavement Marking

We install line striping, pavement markings and applicable signage. Contact us to ensure your compliance with the ADA. We offer full service concrete repair and maintenance.


Concrete is rigid pavement that is used for sidewalks, curbs, dumpster pads, and sometimes entire parking lots. For optimum performance, concrete should be placed on a solid foundation of crushed stone.

Site Services

Our goal is to be your one-stop resource for pavement problem solving. Whether it’s parking lot sweeping, installation of signs, installation of wheel stops, or snow removal services, we want to handle all of your needs. Members offer complementary site inspection and budget assistance. We want to be your preferred vendor.


A big part of pavement maintenance is long-term planning.  This involves looking ahead and seeing what types of repairs and maintenance may be necessary for your specific properties and budgeting for those expenses.  Pavement Network members have decades of experience and are available to help you develop and implement strategies to keep your properties in top condition.  If you want to have us look at a specific property, we will be glad to give you a free estimate for repairs and some observations on what might be best for long-term care.

If you would like to take it a step further, we can meet with you to look at multiple facilities and create reports that will help you prioritize repairs and expenditures over any period you wish. If you seek solutions instead of complications and accurate budgeting instead of costly mistakes and overruns, then making contact with a Pavement Network member is the first step in addressing your parking lot needs.  For a more in-depth report and life cycle analysis, use the top right contact us form and ask us about our patented Pavement Profile System.

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