4 Ways to Grow Your Paving Business

Pavement operations need expansion as much as any other business. While word-of-mouth referrals are the gold standard by which pavers gain new clients, there are other methods of rustling up customers. Here are four ways of making sure your enterprise keeps growing.

  1. Plan Ahead

Whether you are just starting out or have been in operation for years, you need a business plan. If you are accustomed to looking toward the future in increments of six months or shorter, expand your vision. Five-year plans are much better for tackling larger objectives. It may seem daunting to try thinking that far ahead, but doing so becomes easier if you break your intentions down by year. 

Write down goals and then specify what steps are necessary for achieving them. Set deadlines for smaller tasks that need to be met. Identifying easier-to-reach ambitions makes larger objectives feel much more manageable, giving you the confidence to continue pushing forward.

Don’t neglect marketing. This is one business component that pavers tend to forget. Craft a campaign that is attractive and targets your immediate audience. Only once you have a solid foothold within your home territory should you attempt to spread elsewhere. Be certain ads mention your entire menu of services, including construction and asphalt subspecialties. Advertising remains a critical tool for attracting customers to pavement ventures.

  1. Delegate Wisely

Anytime you are running a business, letting go can be difficult. Many small business owners have an overwhelming desire to maintain control at all times. No individual can do as much as a group working in harmony. Build a team of trusted employees and gradually elevate their responsibilities as you become comfortable with their work. You’ll find jobs get done quicker and you have the capability of serving multiple customers simultaneously. Once you have a well-oiled machine, you can focus on more vital corporate matters while staff handles the grunt work.

  1. Refine Communications

The way you interact with others directly reflects upon your business. Customers want to hear project details and receive regular updates. Make a habit of informing them regarding what progress has been made and whether complications have arisen. Knowing how to effectively communicate with clientele as well as employees helps boost your operation’s effectiveness. Speaking classes can improve your ability to connect with others. Alternatively, take a writing class if you need to brush up on writing skills so that e-mails are clearer and more professional.

  1. Train Workers

Most employees come to the job with holes in their knowledge base. Many new hires will likely need training. Educating team members on safety measures and best practices will improve on-the-job performance as well as your reputation. Additionally, training draws in candidates and expands the number of services you are able to offer. All this means more customers can be expected to head your way.

Besides these suggestions, customer referrals can be easily acquired through The Pavement Network. By joining, you open yourself to a vibrant resource that can assist immeasurably in growing paving ventures. See if we have an opening in your region and apply today.