Concrete Flooring Needs

Multiple story buildings require different techniques and equipment in screeding concrete floors. If the project is huge and will be subject to a lot of regular pressure such as that in warehouses and parking lots, it is important that your contractor knows how to execute the job with the highest degree of quality. The floor flatness (FL) and level flatness (LF) are the two most important factors to consider in doing this. Both numbers might be hard to achieve in manual screening. There’s the issue of consistency in the course of the process. Great contractors know which high-quality equipment can help in realizing this.

Big customers such as those of warehouses and parking lots demand laser screeding because theirs is subject to regular pressure thus, they need something that will last long. The Sky Screed of Somero Enterprises Inc. allows them to get a good FL and LF. Since it is a high-grade machine, it can work on 5,000 sq. ft. per hour which is way faster than manual labor. It also uses laser-guided technology which promises an increase in productivity and quality. However, just like any other innovation, the Sky Screed machine poses a threat to the human workforce.

In a recent article from For Construction Pros they write, “Accomplishing a flat floor at ground level is one thing, a warehouse of choices for equipment and tools are all at your disposal. However, obtaining the same floor with the same flatness specs has its own challenges when working on a multiple-story building.”

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