Going Paperless on the Jobsite

Fleet management is undeniably a challenging job. This is the same for residential construction businesses where heavy equipment and materials are being transported from one place to another. Once the truck leaves the pickup point, it is now a waiting game for the drop-off personnel. A lot can happen on the road and more often than not, delays and other issues suddenly show up. Time is always of the essence therefore a few minutes late may mean penalties or additional costs.

Noah Dolgoy created Tread, which is a mobile application where we can track the transport of raw materials making it more efficient, productive, and profitable. This turns the process from paper to digital, therefore, improving convenience for both parties as well as upgrading documentation processes. As this technology works on a cloud, the data is transparent for all key personnel allowing more visibility and collaboration. Important documents can be lost at any point thus moving paper trails to digital helps avoid this process. Notifications for delays are also automated giving the people on-site a heads up when needed.

In a recent article from For Construction Pros, Tread was introduced to help as a helpful technology in upgrading the delivery process.

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