Greener Sealcoating

Over time, rain, snow, ice and sun will degrade your driveway or parking lot, causing cracks and potholes. Sealcoating is an important protective procedure that shields asphalt surfaces and increases the life of your pavement.

When should sealcoating occur?

To maximize your investment, sealcoating should be applied to pavement 6 – 12 months after the asphalt is laid. Resealing every 3 – 4 years can greatly extend the life and integrity of your pavement.

Asphalt is already the second most recycled product after steel. At Kansas Asphalt, we’re laying the groundwork for more environmentally responsible paving. Of course, any construction project will affect the natural setting. We take steps to be good stewards of our surroundings, in every aspect of our work. Our sleek processes are designed to be energy-efficient. Products we use are often created locally to reduce excessive shipping, and many of them contain recycled content. Through these efforts, Kansas Asphalt is covering new ground by serving our clients in new, eco-friendly ways.

Black and green, Axys mastic surface treatment combines the durability you want from a pavement maintenance application while staying sensitive to the environment.
Axys, a mix of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregate, and post-consumer and industrial waste, protects your investment, minimizes future maintenance treatments, and gets traffic back on the pavement sooner.

How is it different?


  • Applies black and stays black
  • Delivers consistent results
  • Protects pavement from further degradation
  • Lasts longer than similar products


  • Contains the highest amount of recycled content to improve quality and performance
  • May contribute to LEED and other environmental certifications


  • Sets up fast
  • Ready for traffic in 2 to 4 hours


  • Extends the life cycle of your pavement

If you are in the Kansas and Puerto Rico area, contact us for more information about a greener way to Sealcoat, or any other paving service.