How To Choose A Pavement Preservation Technique

Preservation of your pavement is extremely important. Pavement preservation can be described as a proactive approach to protecting and maintaining existing pavements. There are many different techniques that can be used to preserve the pavement these days, however, which technique is right for you can vary. When most people think of preservation techniques, treatments such as chip seals, thin overlays and micro-surfacing probably come to mind, but there are several additional options.

In a recent article from Asphalt Magazine stats that the various preservation treatment options have certain advantages, some disadvantages and a few limits associated with their use. The following information provides a brief description of how the more common treatment options may fit a particular pavement.

In order to select the appropriate preservation technique, some basic information is needed. A good handle on the current pavement condition is critical, including information on the type and severity of existing distresses. Knowing the causes of the distresses is also important. Distresses may often have more than one cause. Without knowing the cause of the distress, an inappropriate treatment may be selected and may not be effective.

A distress identification manual is a useful resource in determining the type of distress and probable cause. The distress manual developed as part of the Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) study in SHRP is an excellent document.

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