New Funds Coming To Highways

A country’s public infrastructure holds a very significant role in the development of the nation. Evidently, highways, roads, bridges are used by the public every day. It is crucial to our children’s education, healthcare system, economic trades, and many others. Thus, the Environment and Public Works (EPW) passed the bill that increases highway funding to 34% under the Surface Reauthorization Bill last May 26, 2021. From $11.2B to $58.33B Federal highway investment, core highways in all states, are to be repaired within the next 5 years.

This bipartisan infrastructure investment aims to provide, not only, a better public surface transportation system, but also upgrade the American’s way of living. The committee eyes for an increase in employment opportunities, better processes in inhibiting climate change, and improved resilient measures for natural disasters. Electric vehicle (EV) charging systems continue to be developed and made available to most EV users. The Biden administration has been very vocal in its desire to accelerate the building of these public chargers to provide convenience in all parts of the United States. This also translates to job creation as this is something that the Biden administration does not outsource as of yet. It may sound like merely a “highway and infrastructure repair”, but in essence, this will benefit the public’s quality of life.

In a recent article featured in For Construction Pros, we can see a more thorough discussion of this bill.

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