Pavement Trends to Watch in 2022

Are you looking for ways to ensure your pavement company stays relevant in 2022 and beyond? One important way to boost your profits and growth in the coming year is to stay on top of pavement trends. With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, the asphalt and pavement industries are in a position to grow significantly in 2022. One way to take advantage of growth trends is to make this your year to implement changes and keep track of trends. If you aren’t sure what changes are coming to the asphalt industry, here is a brief guide to some of the top pavement trends to watch in 2022.


Unmanned aerial systems (also known as UAS or drones) are beginning to play a huge role in the construction industry. In 2022, expect to see the pavement industry use drones in key aspects of daily operations. Drones could potentially revolutionize the way you run your pavement business and help you increase your profits.

Large paving jobs can benefit from the use of drones in the planning and implementation phases. You can use drones to take pictures of your project from start to finish. They provide accurate, big-picture views that you couldn’t obtain any other way. For just a few hundred dollars, you can get a good-quality drone that can help you increase job productivity and accuracy. Just be sure to become intimately familiar with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and always operate your drone legally.

Register your drone with the FAA and label it with your registration number. If you want to fly your drone at different altitudes than recreational users are allowed to fly, you can apply for a waiver that will allow you to do so.


The year 2022 promises to be a year of advancing technology for the asphalt industry. Staying aware of this new technology and incorporating it into your pavement processes can help you avoid asphalt oxidation and improve the performance of your pavement.

New pavement technology trends include smart paving technology, which detects cracks and faults in pavement by embedding smart material into the pavement. This technology could become a useful diagnostic tool in the pavement industry.

New Asphalt and Concrete

Asphalt and concrete could see some big changes in 2022. In particular, ready-mix concrete is expected to be in much higher demand. Additionally, one of the anticipated changes is for new infrastructure builds instead of primarily repairing old builds. This trend is largely possible due to generous government funding for the infrastructure sector. The funding from the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act represents a 55% growth in funding above bridge and highway baseline programs.

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