Recruiting Generation Z to Construction

It’s time for the next generation to start entering the workforce. People born after 1996 are considered Generation Z, and there are more than 65 million of them. One of the biggest challenges construction companies have is recruiting this generation to the construction industry. If you are a part of the 78% of construction firms that have difficulty recruiting Gen Zers to your company, we can help.

A recent article from For Construction Pros helps give a few tips to recruiting the next generation into the construction industry.

1. Start recruiting early

Career planning for Gen Z begins early. According to the Student Research Foundation’s Career Pathways and 21st Century Skills Study, 72% of high school freshmen have already begun to consider their career pathway. To successfully interest Gen Z in construction industry careers, firms need to help educate students about career opportunities in the trades. As part of this effort, firms should attend high school career fairs and develop educational outreach programs aimed at teachers and guidance counselors that highlight the range of construction career opportunities as well as the financial benefits of working in skilled trades.

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