Reducing Pavement Materials Cost – Join a Network

Small businesses have a lot of benefits over mega-corporations. They often have more personalized service while strengthening the local economy. The one disadvantage of small businesses is that their prices may not be competitive. It’s hard to leverage the buying power of a larger business when you just don’t have the same amount of business. The asphalt industry is responding to this by creating a coop of small businesses in the pavement industry to band together for more purchasing power. Here’s how joining this network can benefit your pavement business.

Increasing Purchasing Power

The most obvious advantage of joining a pavement coop is the buying power. Buying supplies in one group allows small businesses to leverage the power of a group to compete against the big corporations. But it’s not only the buying power of supplies that gives us a financial edge. We use our coop to leverage more types of services to help our members with marketing, warehousing and equipment to increase profitability and cost margins.

Competing in the Pavement World More Effectively

While the purchasing power of a coop should be convincing, it’s not the only benefit of joining. Our network of providers helps you keep up with pavement trends, best practices and techniques to stay competitive in your region. Local experts can help you improve your business to offer the highest levels of customer service and quality control.

Make Use of Information Technology to Run Your Pavement Business Better

If you ever think, “there has to be a better way,” you’re not alone in your frustration. Whether it’s dealing with employee matters or accounting software, our network can help you find the IT solutions that fit your business. Technology should make your life easier, but it can be difficult to find the right software that works for the pavement industry. Our experts have been, done that. We want to help your business remain a leader in your community and in the industry.

Round Table Discussions With Industry Leaders

You may attend tradeshows to learn more about the industry. You probably belong to community organizations where you stay up to date with local business news. There’s something about coming together with other business owners who do what you do. We bring owners and operators together to learn from each other and to see how current events are impacting the pavement industry. Together, we can find solutions and to get a new perspective on doing business in today’s environment. You’ll learn you’re not alone in this world, which can give you the impetus to keep going during the tough times.

Join the Pavement Network

Small businesses account for about 99% of the business in the United States. The Pavement Network brings businesses together to find relief in a distressed economy that is running rampant from inflation. The pavement industry can leverage the power of working together in buying and networking to stay competitive. We’ve done the hard work of setting up the business model to bring businesses together for support. The Pavement Network has a variety of services for paving contractors. Learn more about joining the network to get the benefits.