Safety Tips For Asphalt Paving

Every year there are thousands of injuries to construction crews. The majority of accidents involve the operator, but over HALF involve people on the ground. This includes spotters, shovel hands, sidewalk superintendents, and ever passer-bys. Thousands of injuries and triple-digit fatalites on the job site are something we never want to have to think about, but being aware and taking steps to ensure you are working in a safe environment could end up saving a life. put together five tips that you can easily print out and give to your crew. Encourage them to read it daily.

1. Take Care When Getting On and Off Equipment

Did you know that getting on and off the machine is the number one cause of injury to equipment operators, forklift drivers and truck drivers? This is unfortunately apparent with one of the above accidents. When it comes to a moving piece of equipment like a paver, making sure you’re mounting and exiting the machine properly is paramount to your safety.

First, check your gloves and boots. Clean the mud off before climbing, and use “high grip” gloves for a secure hand hold. Next, use a three-point stance going and coming. Use large size hand and foot holds. Securely engage the entire hand and foot, avoiding a toe-hold or finger-hold grip. Use a step ladder for access when no hand or foot holds are provided. Avoid carrying objects while climbing.

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