Drain Repair & Installation

Parking Lot Drain Repair & Installation

Site drainage is an extremely important component in the makeup of your parking lot. If the parking lot is well-sloped, water will naturally drain away and not cause premature pavement failure. Most parking lots, however, are relatively flat for safety reasons, and therefore, standing water can become an issue.

If water is allowed to remain on the pavement surface, it can easily percolate through the asphalt, (which is a porous pavement), and start to compromise the subgrade below.

In freezing climates, standing water that turns to ice poses an obvious liability issue.

Once any drainage patterns have been corrected, it is extremely important that catch basins are functioning properly to remove the water. Deteriorating catch basins also pose a significant liability hazard because of the depth a person can fall into if the basin collapses.

Subsurface water can be removed via installation of French drains. Call your Pavement Network professional for recommendations on drainage repairs and installations.

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