Asphalt Repairs

As soon as an asphalt pavement is constructed, it starts the process of deterioration. If it is properly constructed, of course, it will need very little,  if any, maintenance within the first couple of years.

However if there are some soft spots in the pavement or if maintenance is deferred for a period of years, potholes or alligator cracking (which indicates failure of the base layers as well as the surface layers of the asphalt) will need to be addressed.

In the old days, asphalt repairs consisted merely of cutting out the deteriorated area, re-compacting the sub base, and installing a full depth asphalt patch, or crushed stone and asphalt. While this is still a viable option for many projects, new technology has given the progressive paving contractor many more options. We can now tailor a repair program specifically for your parking lot, keeping downtime to a minimum and creating the greatest cost benefit ratio for you.

Your Pavement Network professional has at his disposal a full range of repair options, from basic remove and replace, to partial depth patching using milling machines, to infrared patching using extreme heat to give the asphalt new life. Of course it takes a trained eye to know when each of these techniques is best for the job. Call your Pavement Network professional for a free estimate.

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