The Importance of Quality Construction Inspection

In doing construction projects, plans and specifications, as well as, processes and systems are all set prior to the actual construction itself. This is to ensure that no money, time, and resources will be put to waste and the project is of the highest quality.

It is the inspector’s job to make sure that these guidelines set by the contractors and the state are all being followed. The road inspectors will monitor all stages of the project. From the quality of materials to be used, to the temperature on-site and safe work zone practices according, to the standard health protocols.

Simply put, the inspectors raise the bar for the quality of the construction is done so it can last for a long period of time.

Also, having someone on-site monitoring every stage of the project allows both the agency and contractors to modify initial specifications or processes that are found unfit on the actual. Thus, the construction becomes more efficient and cost-saving.

In an article published by Pavement Interactive, they discussed how inseparable pavement construction and inspection are as well as, how road inspection is being done. “A single construction project often creates a full workload for an inspector, and large or complex projects may require more than one.”

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