The Importance of Repaving

Roads, just like any other business, require proper and effective management. With time, traffic loading, and heat, any well-designed pavement will decrease in quality. Replacing the pavement entirely would cost a lot. That is why it is important to do road rehabilitation on a regular basis, to prolong its life. Maintenance will allow small cracks and other pavement issues to be patched, making its health up by a couple of percents, saving you time and money.

It is most important for contractors to know how to implement this. The use of surveys and data analysis will help them assess and make the right decision. This should then increase the efficiency of the methods being used in pavement management. Also, other aspects of road projects that a contractor should consider, such as the time remaining for the pavement to maintain its acceptable quality.

A recent article published by Pavement Interactive said that understanding the remaining service interval is significant to plan such pavement rehabilitation and maintenance. They write, “One challenge is the ambiguity of defining service life since the assumptions and estimates made during design are not necessarily carried forward into pavement management activities.”

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